Analysis of the evolution of the coronavirus


In this post I want to share an analysis that I have done on the evolution of the coronavirus using different tools for data analysis and visualization: Python to obtain historical data from all affected countries:

KNIME for data manipulation and the creation of a predictive model using Random Forest to analyze the evolution of contagion before showing symptoms:

Facebook Prophet to estimate the behavior of the disease in the next 7 days.

Tableau for displaying the results and publishing the dashboard on your public server where you will find:

Case evolution: Where the evolution of the total cases of the disease from the origin is shown, as well as an adjustment in which deaths and discharges are subtracted. 7 days projected using the Facebook Prophet library are included.

Case incubation: Cases reported vs. probable cases before they can be identified. The model has been built using behavior in all affected countries using the Random Forest algorithm.

Death vs Recover: Cases discharged compared to deaths. A projection is also made for the next 7 days.

Case increment: This graph shows the unique cases identified day by day so that we can identify the spikes or stagnation of the disease depending on the country.

Here is a direct link to the dashboard on the Tableau public server:

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